How to prepare a Strawberry jam

The description:
The strawberry paste is delicious and easy to prepare and is very much loved by children for its attractive color and taste, so it is best to make it at home without preservatives and clean to keep your family safe. Nesma Kozin offers you a recipe in a simple and successful way

- Ingredients:

- 500 g Strawberry

- 400 g sugar
- 1 lemon

- How to How to prepare a Strawberry jam :

1 - Refine strawberries and cut them.

2 - In a bowl, put the chopped strawberries and sugar, mix the ingredients with some and leave them all night.
3 - Put the putty soaked all night in a pot over a strong health Boil for 10 minutes add lemon juice and then complete the cooking on a cold fire
4 -  the cooking take from 35 to 40 minutes.
5 - pour fresh strawberry paste in sterile bottles, close it tightly and leave it cool and then put in the refrigerator.
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