the white bean

- How to preparing the white beans for vegan ?

1) Place the beans in the water for 4 hours, Or in hot water for half an hour or an hour to become moist.

2) Then get it out of the water and put it in a pot to cook.

3) Put with it a little salt, oil,cummins,crushed tomatoes. It is also possible to place 1/4 grain of acid in order to taste.

4) Then mix it and increase the water even exceeds the amount of beans

5) Put the beans over the fire.

6) Then the beans become ready to eat.

the white bean - to your helt

-The white beans of legumes are important to supply the body with many important nutrients can be boiled or cooked with tomatoes, as well as in the preparation of the authorities and many recipes,

-The white beans contain many important vitamins and minerals in addition to proteins, carbohydrates, fiber and some acids such as folic acid, and its benefits include:

- Benefits of white beans for the digestive system:

-Contains a high proportion of fiber and therefore helps to get rid of indigestion The treatment of colitis also works to prevent constipation.

- Benefits of white beans for brain health:

-Beans help to improve the functions of the brain and nervous system and it works to strengthen memory and overcome forgetfulness and the prevention of Alzheimer's disease.

-Benefits of white beans for heart health :

-Contains folic acid which helps to lower the rate of amino acids in the blood and thus helps to reduce the rate of harmful cholesterol in the blood and maintain cardiovascular health and prevent the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

-Benefits of White Beans to Prevent Cancer :

-Contains antioxidants that help to strengthen the body's immunity and resistance to free radicals and thus prevent the risk of cancer.
-Benefits of white beans for bone health:
Contains a calcium component that helps to strengthen bone and prevent osteoporosis, especially in the aging or in postmenopausal women.

-Benefits of white beans during pregnancy :

- Contains folic acid and many important nutrients that help to feed the mother and fetus during pregnancy and it works to protect the fetus from the occurrence of congenital malformations. 

-White beans for skin :

Contains antioxidants and many important elements that help to regenerate skin cells and prevent the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging and aging and it also treats skin  infections caused by exposure to the sun.
Other benefits of white beans help lower blood sugar. Helps the body to get rid of toxins. Works to transfer oxygen to cells and tissues.
Help to supply the body with the energy crisis. Helps increase the feeling of fullness and fullness. Helps to get rid of the feeling of tension and anxiety.
White bean damage Excessive consumption of beans may lead to gastric disorders and may lead to diarrhea or vomiting, and lead to bloating.