moroccan salad

-3 Tomatoes
-2 pepper
-1 White Onions
-Vinegar. Oil . salt

- How to preparing the moroccan salad:

-Cut tomatoes and cut onions and pepper
-Mix the three together
-Increase salt and Oil and a little bit of Vinegar

moroccan salad

 -Benefits of tomatoes :

1 -Benefits of tomatoes remove germs that cause diseases that are attached to the body of the patient

2 -Tomatoes activate the kinetics of the kidneys 

3.Tomatoes contain a large proportion of vitamin A and also vitamin S.

4 -Tomato works as a disinfectant for intestines and abdomen and it removes the difficulty and difficulty of digestion of food and output.

5 -Contains the fruit of tomatoes on iron metal. If you suffer from anemia drink or eat tomato juice.

6. Tomato can be used to relieve and treat the acidity of alkaline formula.

-Benefits of onion :

-To look and eye

Onions help to purify the eyes and purify them of impurities and improve vision by putting onion juice in the eye. The onion contains proteins that help to strengthen the eyesight and improve the visibility. The onion is also useful in the prevention of night blindness, especially green onions.

-To the holder

It contains a lot of vitamins that are very important for pregnant women, and it also contains a wide range of acids that help the fetus to grow healthy and healthy.

-For bones

The onion has many important benefits to bone health and safety thanks to its essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C and vitamin K, which are found in a large proportion of green onions.

-Onions strengthens immunity

Onion helps to strengthen the weak immunity against all types of serious and regular diseases, and as we mentioned that onions protect against cancer, a natural disinfectant of the body of viruses, bacteria and all kinds of impurities.( Read more recipes).